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Horse owners, breeders, and trainers all know that proper care and the best possible environment is needed for a healthy and happy animal.  An important part of that healthy environment is the floor in barns, paddock, stalls, aisle ways, feed room, and wash area.

According to Pennsylvania State University College of Agricultural Sciences the characteristics of an ideal floor are;


Easy on legs.  Some “give” is needed to decrease tendon and feet strain.


Dry.  Moisture attracts pests and promotes the growth of dangerous mold.


Non-odor Retentive.  Urine and other fluids create severe odor issues.


Providing Traction.  Slippery floors increase the risk for horses to fall causing severe injury.


Durable.  Horses are very heavy and their hooves can damage floor surfaces.


Low maintenance.


Easy to clean.  Proper hygiene is essential to maintain a healthy horse.





Eco-Grip flooring is the only product that provides all of the characteristics of an ideal floor.

Concrete is cold, hard, and absorbs urine smell. Respiratory troubles can occur from ammonia gas.

Wood floors insulate against the cold and provide some flexibility but become slick when wet and are hard to disinfect. Gaps between planks invite insect and rodent infestation.

Rubber pavers and mats allow moisture to seep through creating a health hazard like thrush.
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