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In the healthcare environment there are three distinct requirements when it comes to flooring.

Slip Resistance.  Slips and falls that result in broken bones and other injuries are more common that you think.  Moving heavy equipment, all too common spillage, need for speed in emergencies, and heavy traffic all contribute to slips and falls.  Eco-Grip flooring is the most slip-resistant option.


Ease of Cleaning.  Blood, bodily fluids, chemicals, and other substances need to be cleaned quickly to reduce hazards.  Eco-Grip's combination of cohesive fibers and anti-fungal micro-biocide creates an easy to clean floor that resists blood, bodily fluids, chemicals, odors, stains.


Durability.  Heavy traffic, equipment transport, spillage, and other shocks would test any floor.  Manufactured from post-industrial recycled PVC, Eco-Grip is virtually indestructible.  It is impact and puncture resistant and is designed to withstand the daily abuse from every department in the healthcare facility.


Comfort.  Healthcare professionals spends most of their time on their feet.  Therefore, flooring has a direct impact on comfort, productivity, fatigue, and injuries.  The cushioning feel of Eco-Grip Floors is a welcome relief that will improve the health and productivity of staff.





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